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Reason #42 that Main Street Swing Band is better than a DJ:

Sixteen heads are better than one.

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Did you also know that we have a Dixieland Band, a great Jazz Band for smaller venues, and a full piece Big Band?

We perform all across Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Southern California.

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Main Street Swing and Jazz Band Benefits of a live Big Band

The Benefits of a Live Swing Band vs a DJ

There is wide spread opinions by most of us that Live Music always cost more.

In Recent years, recorded music by DJ’s has risen in price, whereas the cost of a professional Live Band has remained fairly constant.

Some DJ’s do an excellent job of managing an event and that fact cannot be argued. But for most types of events and just a little more money, you could have an 8 piece “Real” band that will swoop you and your guests away featuring live vocals, a professional master of ceremonies, and many styles of music.

That being said, most of the gigs that we play are with our Big Band of 14 to 16 pieces. Again, with live vocals and a great master of ceremonies.

What our clients always end up saying is that their choice of live entertainment was the right choice. That is, the atmosphere we create was electric and their event “just came alive.”

Your guests will walk away saying that the band just fit the mood and changed as necessary to meet what was happening at the moment.

They will always say that they “loved” the Live Band and it made the party or reception “twice as good.”

We specialize in getting your guests involved, as well as coordinating with you or your event manager any and all of the planned activities for the event to the level that you want us to do so.

Just call Tom or Mike to see how easy it is to make your event the very best it can be. You might just be surprised as to how affordable we can be.