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We’re a Great:

  • Wedding Band
  • Swing Band
  • Big Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Dance Band
Main Street Swing and Jazz Band

What You Need is What You Get

We are committed to offering you as much band as you need depending on your venue and your budget—without sacrificing our performance.

Instead, we adjust the size of the band to meet your needs.

That means we offer the same music and great performance to everyone across Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Southern California.

Three Bands, Many Possibilities

Main Street Swing Band

  • full piece Big Band
  • Perfect for medium and large-size venues that require more presence.

Tommy Reed Orchestra

  • 8 piece ensemble
  • Just the right size for intimate occasions and venues that require a subtle touch of style.

Dixieland Band

  • Small group thats plays classic jazz from the roarin’ ‘20’s
  • Perfect for concerts, events, and entertaining small venues.